Vincent Starrett Collection


Vincent Starrett Collection
Vincent Starrett (1886-1974) was a book collector, author, bibliographer, and a Sherlock Holmes scholar. He has been referred to as part of Chicago's "literary renaissance.” It has been said that Starrett's bibliographies on authors such as Arthur Machen, Stephen Crane, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Ambrose Bierce revived their popularity.
He was a crime reporter, feature writer, political analyst, and foreign correspondent for the Chicago Daily News until his first novel, Seaports in the Moon (1928) was published. He also wrote a weekly column called "Books Alive" in the Chicago Tribune for 25 years, influencing the reading habits of millions.
One of his greatest claims to fame was his fascination with and knowledge of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

Items are located in the Vincent Starrett Collection
* Seaports in the Moon: a fantasia on romantic themes. by Vincent Starrett. {PS3537.T246 S41928}
*Ambrose Bierce: A Bibliography. by Vincent Starrett. {PS1097.Z5 S725}
*"In re: Sherlock Holmes"; Adventures of Solar Pons. by August Derleth (signed); forward by Vincent Starrett. {PS3507.E69 I5}
*Sherlockiana Vol. 1: Three Poems. by Vincent Starrett. (signed) {PR4624 .B547 1934a}
*Born in a Bookshop: Chapters from the Chicago Renascence. by Vincet Starrett. {PS3537.T246 Z5}