Radical Pamphlets Collection


Radical Pamphlets Collection
The Radical Pamphlets Collection includes American publications from 1880 to 1980 by or about the radical labor movement, socialists, communists, the radical right, and other movements occurring during that time.

Titles from the Radical Pamphlets Collection:
*SDS New Left Notes {LH1.A2 S73a}
*The Universities and the Ruling Class: how wealth puts knowledge in its pocket {LC1085.2 .H676 1969za}
*Liberation {BF1995 .L4a}
*Union Committeemen and Wildcat Strikes {HD5325.A8 G533 1971a}
*By the People {KF4742.3 .A54 1962a}
*Black Workers and the Class Struggle {HD6490.R2 P763 1972a}
*Bolshevism and the Workers {HD8526 .B657 1920a}
*Worker-student action committees, France, May '68 {HD8437.P37 G73 1970a}
*The Good Life {HX653 .R53 1973a}
*Soviet "Dumping" and "Forced Labor" {HF2166 .B355 1931a}
*The Meaning of Social-Fascism: its historical and theoretical background {JC481 .B769 1933a}
*Walden Two - B.F. Skinner {PS3537.K527 W3 1962a}